Heart Movement & Cells

One Planet – One People: Heart Movement resembles a living organism, concisting of people who decide to start for themselves to make the world a better place, and who are looking for others for inspiration, connection and support.

For whom

For everybody like you, who wants to contribute to harmony, peace, respect and a beautiful human society. For people who want to contribute and build together and make a difference. People like yourself, who want to cooperate and inspire and support each other. Together, to carry the burden and to feel lifted. Only if we do it together there is hope for a better future for us and the coming generations.

How? The ‘Heart Movement’ is like a living organism

Join an existing project or start a new project group yourself. These groups are called “Heart Cells”. A heart cell is a group of three persons minimal, who work together from shared vision, place and possibilities. Heart cells share their initiative among each other. You find a list of existing heart cells on this website.

Existing initiatives or organisations can join as well. We share several of these projects on the inspiration page of the website to let people know what kind of initiatives already have been set up in the world! Please send us an e-mail if you would like to register your project for the Heart Movement. We will provide a link on the inspiration page of this website. This way we make sure the living organism of all the projects together make a difference and grow gradually.

Heart cells

The amount of heart cells grows constantly. This means increasingly more heart cells and more participants within these heart cells. This way as many people as possible support the goals of the One Planet – One People Summit. Not only talk and listen, but act.


After the Human World Summit the heart cells continue to light the fire of love, peace and harmony in the world.


Please send us your plan or ideas by mail to add these on our website.


Heart cells which already have been initiated:

  • Heart-cell Commune de Foulain, contact person: Jean Michel Berlingue
  • Heart-cell Haarlem, “het Labyrint”, contact person: Gerard de Waard, i.o.
  • Heart-cell Village des Alternatives, 24 and 25 June 2017, contact person: Manon Lavoine
  • Heart-cell Breda, “Verbinden door Creativiteit”, contact person: Betten Roupe van der Voort
  • Heart-cell VredesWater, contact person: Asje van Hout
  • Heart-cell Veerhuis, contact person: Henry Mentink
  • Heart-cell NOHMAD, Nogent, contact person: Patricia Nouaille
  • Heart-cell The Barnwellshift, Santiago, contact person: Josh
  • Heart-cell Les Bures Haleurs, contact person: Xavier Aubriot
  • Heart-cell DPM Repaix, contact person: Achille Lorentz
  • Heart-cell De speld, Groningen, contact person: Frank Wamsteker
  • Heart-cell Citeatlantis, Parijs