Hart Movement & Cellen

One Planet – One People: Heart Movement is like a living organism, existing of people who want to start with themselves to make the world a better place, and who look to others for inspiration, connectivity and support.


For people like you, who do not understand why some people cannot treat the world and each other a little better. Who look for harmony in the world. For “awareness-makers” who want to make a difference. And for people who want to do this together with others so that they feel carried and supported.


Join an existing project or start your own project group. Project groups is what we refer to as Heart-cells. A Heart-cell is a group of a minimum of three people who do something together under their own vision, mission and within the possibilities they have. These Heart-cells share their initiatives here. All existing Heart-cells can be found under the header Heart-cells on this website.

Additionally, existing initiatives or organizations from outside the Heart Movement can join us. We share your projects on our inspiration page to allow more people to see what is already out there in the world! Send us an email if you’d like to connect your project with us. We will make sure your link is added to our inspiration page. This way we allow the living organism of projects that make a difference to grow.


The number of Heart-cells will constantly grow: more participants within a Heart-cell and more Heart-cells. This is already happening because people have joined together supporting the purpose of the One Planet – One People: Human World Summit. Not just talking and listening; act!

The Heart-cells have continued after the Human World Summit and keep the fire of the world burning with love, peace and harmony.


Send us an email with your plan or idea so that we can incorporate this into our website.  By starting a cell or joining one the connectivity grows. Together we create the beautiful, peaceful and loving world we all long for. This way we work together on Unity in Diversity.



  • Heart-cell Commune de Foulain, contact person: Jean Michel Berlingue
  • Heart-cell Haarlem, “het Labyrint”, contact person: Gerard de Waard, i.o.
  • Heart-cell Village des Alternatives, 24 and 25 June 2017, contact person: Manon Lavoine
  • Heart-cell Breda, “Verbinden door Creativiteit”, contact person: Betten Roupe van der Voort
  • Heart-cell VredesWater, contact person: Asje van Hout
  • Heart-cell Veerhuis, contact person: Henry Mentink
  • Heart-cell NOHMAD, Nogent, contact person: Patricia Nouaille
  • Heart-cell The Barnwellshift, Santiago, contact person: Josh
  • Heart-cell Les Bures Haleurs, contact person: Xavier Aubriot
  • Heart-cell DPM Repaix, contact person: Achille Lorentz
  • Heart-cell De speld, Groningen, contact person: Frank Wamsteker
  • Heart-cell Citeatlantis, Parijs