Gathering 2020

Gathering 2020: A better World? Let’s do it together!

Following on from the Human World Summit in 2017, in which 144 Earth-Keepers from all continents and from 4 generations together have drawn up a Manifesto for a Better World, we will now build together and especially DO!

A better world? We’ll DO it together!

From August 22 – 29 we organize a gathering of people who build on an honest, peaceful, clean and sustainable society together with you and many others.

Many visitors, projects, initiatives, organizations and others come to share, exchange and build that better world. Get inspired and come and tell us what you think. Of course you will be there!
There will be a wonderful program with many presentations, sharing, enjoying and where having fun is also important. Life is beautiful! Work together and share together all the beauty that the Earth offers us.

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In the morning there are a number of simultaneous presentations. Each project presents its purpose, tells what it has to offer to the world and asks what it needs to have more impact. By making contacts, exchanging and sharing, every project can grow and we can take steps together.
In the afternoon there is room to organically find each other and to work together. There are connecting ceremonies, there is a market where attendees can offer products or services, and there is life music, workshops, dancing and eating tasty and healthy food.
In the evening there is always a joint activity to strengthen the mutual connection.


Guest Packages

Visitors of the gathering can choose from the following packages:
Room Arrangements
Wooden House
Camping arrangements full board
Camping arrangements self-sufficient

Day passes are available as well.

Would you like to connect with your initiative, project or organisation to the Heart Movement of One Planet – One People and come and present it? Please let us know which package you are interested in and we will send you a special offer!

Guest Packages

New Sponsor Project

Since the Human World Summit in 2017 we have supported the project to make the dream of Grandmother Tomasa in Chichicastanenga, Guatemala come to life. Her dream was to build an holistic Healing Centre. In February 2019 this project has started, because of several activities and promotions which resulted to gathering more than 18.000 euro and the realisation of the Centre! The Centre has opened in December 2019

With all the people that are present during the Gathering 2020, a new sponsor project will be chosen between those initiatives that present themselves.
Of every reservation for the gathering an amount of € 10.- will be donated to help this chosen project on its way. One Planet – One People will give a minimum of € 1.000,- and will put effort to collect more money over the next 2 years.

Location and Stay

The gathering will take place at Centre Lothlorien in France. More accommodation options will be created especially for the gathering.

Location and Stay