Gathering 2020

Gathering 2020:
A better World? Let’s do it together!

Following the Human World Summit in 2017, in which 144 Earth-Keepers from all continents and from 4 generations together drew up a Manifesto for a Better World, the Gathering: A better World? We’ll DO it together! was organized. A gathering of people who are committed to a fair, peaceful, clean and sustainable society.

Many visitors, projects, initiatives, organizations and others came to share, exchange and build a better world with each other.
In a wonderful program, many fascinating presentations were offered, a lot was shared and there was a lot of fun and fun together. Life is good to be lived!

We will continue from here in the coming years: working together and sharing together, because

A better world? We’ll DO it together!

With your support, we can continue to do the work for a better world


Colectivo Wixari

The main attention this gathering has gone out to different worldwide projects that aim for a better world. Out of the nominated projects a new sponsorproject has been chosen for which Centre Lothlorien, with support from participants of the One Planet – One People Gathering 2020, will raise money for the next 2 years. This project is Colectivo Wixari.

Colectivo Wixari tells the story of the Wixaritari, an ethnic group that fled into the mountains and settled in the Sierra Madre Occidental when the Hispanic Conquistadors took their land and threatened their safety.After decades this peoples existence is at stake.

Now with the help of Centre Lothlorien and of course with your help, Colectivo Wixari is starting an environmental project in another village.

Colectivo Wixari

From the organisor:


August 22-29 2020

This time because of the worldly circumstances a small gathering, but that did not spoil the fun. One advantage of fewer people is that there is much more mutual exchange.

It was a wonderful, inspiring week in which a lot was shared and new contacts were created, new knowledge and insights were presented and a lot can come from that. This is how the premise of One Planet – One People, sharing and collaboration, has come out very well. We have chosen a new sponsor project together: the agricultural self-sufficiency project of the Colectivo Wixari in Mexico.

Thanks to the helping and indispensable hands of the volunteers that were present, thanks to the artists, presenters and all guests for allowing us to create this together!! To conclude on Saturday we got a little shower with the blessing of the universe, see photo.


Reaction by Claudia Merino, projectleader of Colectivo Wixari:

Dear Friends

We are so excited to hear this news! Thank you so much for helping us to transmit the message and proposing our project. We have a lot of work ahead. We want to make a trip to the Sierra soon to talk to the community about this new opportunity, Again, thank you for everything!

We will stay in contact.

Lots of love to you and all the people of this gathering.