About One Planet - One People

One Planet – One People   To change the World We need each other!


Together we live on Planet Earth in a society and an environment in which there is much to improve. There are numerous inspiring projects and organizations that are committed to a healthy environment and a better society for future generations. Still, it is not yet possible to create that beautiful world that we desire as a majority. One Planet – One People stimulates and connects all those initiatives. By paying attention to each other’s good and promising ideas we stand strong. Together we take responsibility for now and for the future. If we work together with respect, regardless our differences, without working against each other, much is possible. From unity and respect we can bridge differences and embrace each other:



The Kingfisher is the symbol for our project. The kingfisher represents clean water, movement and flow. It stands for multicolored, speed, water, light and air. A symbol for the impossible that is possible. It also stands for bringing together the past and future in wisdom. It stands for mobility at peace and to come to the heart of the matter, for optimism, joyful life and for transformation. These are all elements that apply to the One Planet – One People project.


Our Dream – Your Dream

Every person on this beautiful planet is part of One Planet – One People. You do not have to sign up, you are not bound by rules and you do not pay contribution.
The project transcends the dual competition concept. It is about sharing the Dream.
If you dare to go beyond self-interest to interests of the whole, you find inner peace and the world will get what it needs. The dream becomes reality. We reach millions of people around the world through modern media, our own non-bound but connected network.


The One Planet – One People project was launched in 2016 to make our vision known to the world, to build bridges and link networks, stimulate partnerships and achieve objectives. In order to achieve growth together, we organize activities such as workshops, conferences and symposia.

In June 2017 the “Human World Summit: Unity in Diversity” took place in our Centre Lothlorien.

For 10 days 144 people from all continents, many cultures and 4 generations came together. Together, in 4 days, we drew up a Manifesto for all world citizens. A guide which can be used instantly by everyone in daily life and contribute to a better world. A society where peace, love, harmony, respect, balance and equality are obvious.

This manifesto and the goals of One Planet – One People are shared with everyone who wants to work with us and with others to create a better world together. Each person from his own possibilities, his own vision, his own quality and with respect for everyone’s culture, faith, color or in which we think we differ.

This starts with you, close to home!

What we want to achieve:

Unity, connection, balance, respect, responsibility and action

  • We all want a better world for ourselves, our children and future generations. Together we can create that better world, with respect for the differences and at the same time embrace the similarities: Unity in Diversity.
  • We restore and improve the connection with ourselves, each other and the Earth, so that we live in balance again with everyone and everything that is.
  • As children of the Earth, we take responsibility for ourselves and together build that better world, in which peace, love, harmony and respect are so natural to us.
  • We live and do more from the Heart and less from the Head and find unity in East and West, old and new, women and men, for and against. We ignore language, culture, nationality and colour. All hearts are equal and all people are equal.
  • The time of talking is over. Now it’s time to act and do what we say. We are going to DO: no more excuses, no “but” or “ifs”.

We do it NOW and together.

What can you do to become a part of One Planet – One People?

What can you do to become part of One Planet – One People?

Establish a new heart cell

If you have an idea that contributes to humanity and the world, you can share your dream as an individual or together with one or more people and set up a new heart cell. The new heart cell and your network will be linked to the project and the ever growing network of One Planet-One People. Your heart cell is mentioned and published on the website. People are informed worldwide. Any form of exchange can take place between the initiatives;

Strengthen existing initiatives

Instead of starting a new heart cell, you can also decide to support or join an existing project that fits your vision;

Help spread the Manifesto

Passing on the Manifesto and helping to translate in as many languages ​​as possible. The translation is then placed on the website, so that even more people can get to know the Manifesto in their own language;

Tell everyone you know about One Planet-One People

How it all started

Like so many people, we dream of a world in balance. A world where people feel connected to each other and to the Earth. A world of unity, peace, respect, solidarity and equality.

In the winter of 2016 a special initiative presented itself. A gathering of people from around the world with the aim of actually doing something for world peace, not just for now but also for the following generations.

How it all started

Heart Movement

The One Planet – One People project aims for connection. We encourage and support organizations and projects by bringing them together. We call these initiatives Heart Cells. 

Heart cells operate under their own name, structure, way of cooperation, their own culture and vision. Through the connection the heart of Mother Earth grows constantly and we come to Unity in Diversity.

Heart Movement & Cells

Gathering 2017

In 2017 Centre Lothlorien organised the International Human World Summit with people from 40 countries, all main religions, many cultures and 4 generations.
An international gathering of Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Visionaries, elderly and youngsters, from ancient wisdom and vigour of the new world. Together they created a manifest for a better world. This enables us to build a society in balance, for us and for next generations.

Gathering 2017

Gathering 2020

In August 2020 Centre Lothlorien hosted the One Planet – One People gathering 2020. A gathering of people committed to a fair, peaceful, clean and sustainable society. A wonderful program, with many visitors, projects, initiatives and organizations, together sharing, exchanging and working to build that better world.

A better World ? We’ll DO it together!

Gathering 2020

We are One People
Connected with each other and our Beautiful Planet Earth
In connection we act
individually and together to restore the balance in ourselves, our society and with Mother
It is our task to create new balance and oneness in the feminine and the masculine,
embrace dualism and find Unity in Diversity


One Planet – One People is an initiative of Centre Lothlorien

Centre Lothlorien is a small course and peace centre located on a 14-hectare estate, surrounded by woods in the middle of the charming nature of the Haute Marne in north-eastern France.

It is a place to feed your soul, a place where beautiful encounters are common. You can stay in a room of the Chateau and in one of the unique wooden houses at a natural location or at the green camp site.