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Summer 2023: Reunion of the One Planet-One People gatherings.

One Planet One People

The One Planet – One People project aims to share with you and all other people, to work together and to inspire each other for a better world – each based on their own intention and enthusiasm. To this end, we organize International Meetings, Exchanges and Workshops and we are presenting the Manifesto that was drawn up by 144 Earth keepers during the Human World Summit in 2017.

About One Planet One People

Reunion 2023

In the summer of 2023, One Planet – One People is organising a reunion at Centre Lothlorien. We are enormously grateful for all the beautiful people we were able to host during the festivals. This evokes in us a desire to be able to do that again, with activities that are allowed to find their own way, without wills and musts.

We invite you, if you feel the call to reconnect with Lothlorien and especially with the people of the peace festivals in 2011, 2013 and 2015 and the One Planet gatherings.

To change the World, We need eachother!

Reunion 2023

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Colectivo Wixari

In August 2020 Centre Lothlorien hosted the One Planet – One People gathering 2020. It has been a great harmonious week with a large variety of activities, beautiful individuals, lovely music and an unparalleled atmosphere.

The main attention this gathering has gone out to different worldwide projects that aim for a better world. Out of the nominated projects a new sponsorproject has been chosen for which Centre Lothlorien, with support from participants of the One Planet – One People Gathering 2020, will raise money for the next 2 years. This project is Colectivo Wixari.

Colectivo Wixari tells the story of the Wixaritari, an ethnic group that fled into the mountains and settled in the Sierra Madre Occidental when the Hispanic Conquistadors took their land and threatened their safety.

After decades this peoples existence is at stake.
Now with the help of Centre Lothlorien and of course with your help, Colectivo Wixari is starting an environmental project in another village.

Colectivo Wixari


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Heart – Movement

One Planet – One People ‘Heart Movement’ is like a living organism. By sharing, working together, inspiring each other and connecting, Mother Earth’s beating heart grows gradually and constantly. Every initiative, of any vision, culture or belief, with the intention to create a better society, is equally important and adds to a better world. By sharing and cooperating, instead of working against or apart from each other, we are able to achieve something that matters. Respect and Unity in Diversity is essential.


Heart Cells

A ‘heart cell’ is an initiative, project, organisation or any other activity of people working together for a better world. They do this in their own way, from their own background, vision, intention, place and possibilities. This can be a new initiative, but also an existing project or organisation.
Heart Cells are interconnected. Together and everywhere we ensure that the fire is flared as recorded in the Manifesto.

Please sign up through the website with your own heart cell or an existing initiative or contact us how you would like to participate and help.

Heart Movement & Cells



144 Earth Keepers of four generations, from different cultures and different countries from all over the world came together. They shared old wisdom and new visions in circles for four days balance our society. Together they created a Manifesto to make a better world of our planet, because there is only One Planet.

This Manifesto is guidance for everyone, young and old, everywhere in the world. The Manifesto is easy to use in our daily lives. Everyone can contribute in this way to a society where we can live in harmony and connection as one tribe, One People.


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