One Planet One People is organizing Summer weeks Heart Movement Workshops

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We dream of a world where people feel connected with themselves, each other and our Mother Earth!

From August 22 to 29 2020 the next One Planet – One People Gathering at Centre Lothlorien in France takes place. 

One Planet One People

Centre Lothlorien organised an International gathering in june 2017 with  144 Earth Keepers. There were participants from different generations and more than 40 nationalities,  Grandmothers, Elders, shamans, healers, scientists, writers and visionairs. Together they wrote a Manifest and started the ‘Heart Movement‘.

From August 22 to 29, 2020 the next One Planet – One People gathering will be organized at Centre Lothlorien!


Download the Manifest created during the Human World Summit


Heart – movement

One Planet-One People Heart movement is like a living organism, consisting of people who wants to make the world a better place and looking for others for inspiration, commitment and support.


A heart-cell is a group of two or more people, who do something  for a better world from their own vision, place or posibilities. This can be a new initiative or an existing initiative or an organisation.

The many Heart-cells from all over the world are connected and carry out the Manifest together and spread the fire of love, peace and harmony. Sign up at the website with your own Heart-cell, a new or existing initative or confer with us how you can contribute.

Let your heart speak and make a contribution