Reunion 2023

August 13 – 19 2023, a week to bring friends together, to exchange, to share and connect.

In 2010 we started up our international peace-activities, to contribute to a better world, to create together with all those who were happy to share their vision, their dreams and their love for mankind.

After 13 years for us, the organization of One Planet – One People events will stop. We hope others will take over the project to continue the important task of working together and realize a better society in which love, peace and harmony are the base.

We are One People
Connected with each other and our beautiful Planet Earth
As we lost the connection with each other and our Planet
we  have to act
together and individually
to restore the balance in our society and with our Mother Earth
It is our task to create a new balance and oneness in female and male
dualism and find Unity in Diversity

Reunion 2023:

The One Planet – One People project aims to share with you and all other people, to work together and to inspire each other for a better world – each based on their own intention and enthusiasm. To this end, we organize International Meetings, Exchanges and Workshops.
By paying attention to each other’s good and promising ideas we stand strong. Together we take responsibility for now and for the future.
If we work together with respect, regardless our differences, without working against each other, much is possible.
From unity and respect we can bridge differences and embrace each other:


Below you can see who are expected at the reunion. The list will be updated.

Date of arrival: Sunday August 13
Date of departure: Saturday August 20
Price for the Program: EUR 200,- per person
Accomodation/meals: Centre Lothlorien

This year’s event is for all those who joined in one of the past festival’s or gatherings or have been connected from a distance,  to meet again, to exchange and share.
There will be a program from Sunday-evening until Friday-evening, with ceremonies, workshops, presentations, planting a peace-tree, music and a lot of interconnecting, exchange and sharing.

Make a reservation to join the reunion

Reserve at the website of Centre Lothlorien

Participants Reunion 2023

Maya grandmothers
Tomasa and Poxita

Tatsuhiko Kimori


Billy TK

(Maori New Zealand)

Lourdes Carillo

(Wixari, Mexico)

Cheryl Angel
Lakota Elder

Carola Esparza


Roberto Lopez


Matthias Walter

(Peace Tree Project, Germany)

Marijke Kodden

Waharina Vocal Healing


Hilde Goris and Klaas Timmer


Maurice Mooijman

(Tensor energy)

Pinky More

Christiane Biebl

(Pipekeeper, Germany)

Martha Llanos


And more…