Club of 144

What is the Club of 144

The “Club of 144” is a group of people, organizations and other supporters who understand that something has to happen to create a better world and who wholeheartedly support this project. Their financial support makes activities possible such as the Human World Summit in 2017, the Gathering in 2020 and other international events.
The number of 144 is related to the 144 Earth Keepers who drew up the Manifesto for a better world in 2017.

The “Club of 144” is one of the Heart-cells. Members will connect worldwide, conform to the statements in the Manifest and come to action. Together with each other, in every color, shape and diversity, to shape a better society on our beautiful Earth.

Members of the “Club of 144” make a financial contribution of €1000. At the moment the club has 27 members. We hope you will be the next!

Sign up as member now, email [email protected]

Feel welcome to the club of 144 and take your responsibility to make this event a success. We are looking forward to your participation.

[email protected]
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BIC TRIONL2U t.n.v. Vrienden van Lothlorien, Franeker.

Club of 144 weekend

After the gathering 2020 a special weekend will be organised at Centre Lothlorien. This weekend is a reunion for all the participants of the club of 144.

All members will receive an invitation for this weekend. The date will be announced at a later stage.