Reunion 2023 – joined by The Peacetree Foundation

Reunion 2023 – joined by The Peacetree Foundation
29 mei 2023 Richard Slager

The One Planet – One People Reunion is joined by Matthias Walter from the Peacetree Foundation (Friedensbaum Stiftung).

In 2009 Isabella and Matthias Walter received the vision to found a peace movement while experiencing their third sundance with the tribe of the Crow.
Shortly thereafter the vision took the shape of the peacetree foundation in the course of small and big coincidences. They found the symbol of the peacetree on an old celtic coin – a legacy of our european ancestors – and combined it with the rainbow to become the logo of the foundation.

The vision of the peacetree foundation is to plant peacetrees all over the world and to strengthen the connection between the entire creation on the planet, nature, trees and human kind to contribute to peace on earth.

The intention is to plant a Peacetree at Centre Lothlorien during the reunion.

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