New at One Planet – One People, Leonie van der Plas

New at One Planet – One People, Leonie van der Plas
23 juli 2020 Richard Slager

One of the new participants this year at One Planet – One People will be Leonie van der Plas, a storyteller from the Netherlands. She is looking forward to be at Centre Lothlorien and to see what will emerge when people gather with the intention to build bridges and inspire each other.

Throughout the week she will bring us some old stories from different traditions.

Leonie loves the old stories for how they contain wisdom from the people that have told them long before we were here. For how they come alive when we gather and tell them to each other. For the beautiful and sometimes unusual images that they carry and for how they can wake us up to something in ourselves that we had forgotten about…

Make yourself comfortable and let yourself be taken into deep forests, vast tundras or under the surface of the sea. Be met by some wild characters… and let the stories have their way with you!

Make sure you don’t miss the One Planet – One People gathering 2020! 

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