Gathering 2020 will take place as planned!

Gathering 2020 will take place as planned!
5 juni 2020 Richard Slager

We live in a tense world. The last few months made clear that we really need to find other ways to live together and create a new society, a new world-order: together!

From August 22 – 29 your presence therefore is more important than ever in France at the One Planet – One People week.

A better World? Let’s do it together!

Everyone who wants to work together with you and each other for an honest, peaceful, clean and durable society is welcome to come and share, exchange and cooperate to make this new world possible. The week is open for projects, initiatives, organizations and others who want to co-create this better world. Get inspired, come and share your ideas and what you think. Of course you will come and join!

A better World ? We’ll DO it together.

Already there is a wonderful program where sharing, enjoying and having fun is important, because life is beautiful to be lived!

In the morning there will be presentations and In the afternoon we organically find each other and make plans to work together. You can participate in connecting ceremonies, visit the market, enjoy live music, join in workshops, dance and more. After a tasty and healthy vegetarian meal in the evening, activities to strengthen the mutual connection are organized in the evening.

Follow how it is growing

Updated Program

Guest Packages

For visitors we offer the following arrangements:

  1. Room arrangements
  2. Wooden House
  3. Camping arrangement full board
    These arrangements include breakfast, lunch and dinner +  participation in the program.
  4. Camping package self-sufficient
  5. Program cards

Give a presentation

For organizations, projects and initiatives we offer a special arrangement.
Please contact us!


Do you want to offer something on the daily afternoon market? Let us know in your reservation form what you would intend to do and we will contact you!

New sponsor project

From each booking € 10.- will be donated for a participating project/goal to be chosen by all participants. The chosen project receives a minimum amount of € 1,000. In addition to the 10 euros of each booking, we will commit ourselves for two years to the selected project to raise a substantial sponsor amount.

Find out more information and prices

Guest Packages

Support and sponsorship

To make the Gathering possible and to bring together great projects, initiatives and people who do not have sufficient resources themselves, money is needed. We seek your help and support for this. You can donate yourself and invite all your acquaintances and networks to participate via Facebook and other media. With your help and contribution it will be done!

Go to the crowdfundpage

The Sponsor Club of 144

One of the Heart Cells of One Planet – One People is the Sponsor Club of 144. For this we are  looking for more individuals, companies or organizations to donate € 1,000 each to make the activities of One Planet – One People possible and to continue by building a fair and sustainable world. Join in now!

Read more about the sponsor club

Club of 144

What can you do?

  • Come over with your project or a project that you are part of, and present it to all visitors.
  • Come as a visitor to the Gathering to get inspired and to use your enthusiasm for people and the world.
  • Inform organizations, projects and others committed to a better world and make them enthusiastic to sign up and participate.
  • Spread this newsletter within your own network and invite everyone to join in.

To Change The World We Need Each Other!


If you intend to come and present your project or come as a visitor to share with all of us, then fill in the registration form on the website and send it to us. You will receive a confirmation with payment request. Please note that the number of places is limited!

Stay updated

Our website is kept up to date, so  you always have a picture of developments.

We are always open to ideas, visions, support, questions, contacts or whatever you would like to contribute. Would you like to organize something yourself? We are happy to hear from you, for together we are One People! Please mail us at [email protected]

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