How even a small donation can create a better world

How even a small donation can create a better world
6 March 2020 Richard Slager

A Better World! All of us in our own way make attempts to do some sort of good in the world and change our own living environment for the better.
One Planet – One People recognises that more and more ambitious people put effort in turning their job or hobby into a project to change the world on a larger scale. Doing this by yourself however, can be very hard.
For this reason One Planet – One People organises the gathering 2020.
By bringing together many of these wonderful initiatives we provide an opportunity for sharing and exchanging. An opportunity to combine each other’s strengths and to help each other grow.

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Gathering 2020

To increase the success of the gathering we wish to invite people who have initiatives in a variety of fields from all over the world. Not everyone has the means to attend the gathering.

For this reason One Planet – One People is raising money. Your donation is very useful for those who will now be able to come and in addition, their presence, experience and advice will give inspiration to others.

Your support can effect many!


During the gathering, One Planet – One People, with all the people present will choose a new sponsor project. One of the initiatives that will present itself during the gathering will get a financial boost to make their dream come true.

For each payed reservation, One Planet – One People will save 10 euro as well as the surplus that comes from donations. Furthermore, for the next two years, Centre Lothlorien, the initiator behind One Planet – One People, will put effort in raising money for this project.

After the gathering in 2017 Centre Lothlorien started raising money to build a Healing Center in Guatemala. This successful campaign let to raising more then 16.000 euro in 2 years time!

Your donation will make a difference in creating a better world for many!

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sponsor project

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