Nieuw Sponsorproject

Gathering 2020

Following on from the Human World Summit in 2017, we are going to organize a next gathering. The topic is ‘Now, building up together and especially DO!

A better world? We’ll DO it together!

From August 22 – 29 we organise a gathering of people who work with you and many others for an honest, peaceful, clean and sustainable society.
Many visitors, projects, initiatives, organisations and others come to share, exchange and build with you and each other that better world. Get inspired and come and tell us what you think. Of course you are there!

Gathering 2020

New sponsor project

A number of organisations, projects and initiatives will give presentations during Gathering 2020. Outside of these presentations, everyone can exchange with each other and with the other visitors. Everyone has their strengths and aspects that they can use help with. We can complement, support and work together.

From One Planet – One People, we are going to choose a new sponsor project with all those present to help them on their way.


How are we going to do this?

From every paying visitor we donate an amount of € 10.-. The chosen project receives a minimum amount of € 1,000.
In addition to the ‘tens’ of each booking, Centre Lothlorien will also be committed to this project for 2 years to raise a nice sponsor amount.

Centre Lothlorien wants to be transparent about the destination of the money. Within six months we demonstrate with photo material that the project has started and that the development of the investment has begun. Centre Lothlorien will regularly update the progress of the project via the Newsletter.

To make this possible, we set a number of conditions.

  • The representative of the project is present during the gathering and gives a presentation as part of the program.
  • It may be an existing or yet to be established project.
  • The investment is intended for a clear and achievable goal, this may be a smaller part in a larger goal.
  • Within six months you can prove with photo material that the project has started or that the development of the investment has begun.
  • Within 3 years you can use photo material to show where the entire sponsor amount, which was collected in 2 years, went to.

Register your initiative now to participate in the gathering

E-mail Centre Lothlorien

Healing Center Guatemala

Since the Human World Summit in 2017, we have supported a project to make Grandmother Tomasa’s dream come true in Chichicastanenga, Guatemala, namely a holistic Healing Center. Construction started in February 2019 thanks to various actions and activities, with more than 16,000 euros raised!

“To change the world, We need each other!”

Healing Center Guatemala