Returning to One Planet – One People, Hilde Goris and Klaas Timmer

Returning to One Planet – One People, Hilde Goris and Klaas Timmer
13 August 2020 Richard Slager

Just 9 days away from the One Planet – One People gathering 2020. We just can’t wait!

They were at Centre Lothlorien during the Earth Day Global Festival in 2014 and since then they have been constant guests with extraordinary activities.

Hilde Goris and Klaas Timmer are a magical couple. Hilde comes from Belgium and is a Healer, Trainer and Life coach for all ages. She has a powerfull approach to help you in your own personal development. Klaas Timmer lives in the Netherlands, but his roots are from Polynesia. He is able to bring to life Polynesian folklore which is unseen in our continent.


As a part of the opening of the festival Hilde will guide a sandcircle. Together we will participate in this ceremony as One People. Sand looks different from all over the world. By uniting it, it represents One Planet.
Bring sand from your home environment!


Not often you get the chance to carve bone. Klaas will give a special workshop in the program that you don’t want to miss!

Man-Woman Week

Together Hilde en Klaas are organising a man-woman week. A week in which you can transform yourself to the strongest version of your own being. At the end of the week Man and Women meet eachother after fiunding their own essence. This is Hilde and Klaas’ project which they will present during the gathering.

Make sure you don’t miss the One Planet – One People gathering 2020! 

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