One Planet – One People presents: Collectivo Wixari

One Planet – One People presents: Collectivo Wixari
6 August 2020 Richard Slager

They were present umong the 144 earth keepers during the gathering in 2017 of One Planet – One People and helped writing the Manifest for a better world.

The Wixaritari are an ethnic group who fled from conquest and settled in the Sierra Madre Occidental in order to preserve their prehispanic traditions and culture. Their cosmogony is based on a communicative system which comprehends gratitude and reciprocity actions towards nature and their ancestors. Their religious axis is nature and the Earth their temple.

The living environment of the Wixari is diminishing and it is difficult to preserve their culture. Nevertheless, their myths and rituals are still alive and it is through their art and handcraft that they have found the way to express and share with the rest of the world their ancestral culture.

Collectivo Wixari puts effort in improving their quality of life, by creating jobs, restoring the environment and integrating local knowledge with modern techniques.

Collectivi Wixari will be presented as one of the projects during the gathering 2020.

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