Eliazbeth Araujo, ambassador of One planet-One people

Eliazbeth Araujo, ambassador of One planet-One people
15 maart 2017 Fredy Wamelink
Dear Brothers and Sisters:  from my heart to yours.  Our Maya Calendar of de Long Count says that we have entered the era of the Heart, the era of love,  the era of the Feminine Energy, the era of the Woman and the era of Oneness.
 For us women, being already possessors of this feminine energy, we are empowered while for men it is something new;  society has suppressed feminine energy in men, has push them to work from the head and now they have to deal with connecting with their feminine energy.  In order for all of us to have harmony and peace within ourselves we have to balance our feminine and masculine energy that we all have.
We are living in the time when the Ancient Mayan Prophecies are being fulfilled.  They say:    We have enter the Era of the Woman (The feminine energy).  The woman has to govern, not to mandate  but to govern; the  woman will change the world.   Women do not think about wars, women think about schools, a good education for the children, good health and hospitals and the well being of all. Sisters, we have to take responsibility, we need to prepare for changes and there are many challenges on the road.  We have been taught to be submissive, to accept and to keep silence, but the times  are different now, now we can talk.  Lets then take responsibility and leave the fear behind.   We have to reeducate ourselves.  Lets not confuse taking the male energy by mistake, and act like a man, that is a great mistake.  We use the power of the heart.   We also need to heal our wounds in order to grow; go deep in  to recognize them, for only then those wounds can be healed.   We need to educate our children well, teach them to be respectful of everyone and everything.  Love  them, love is the foundation of joy, good self steam and a good life.  Love your children not for obligation but for the sake of love.  They are the future.  If there is harmony within ourselves we are in peace.  World peace begins with peace within.
Brothers, we need your support, we can not do it alone, give us space, give us your support, we don’t intend to compete with you but to walk side by side, your support is important, and sisters, we need to support each other as well; to walk together side by side without discrimination of races or creed. Together in defense of Mother Earth, together protecting our waters, our air, respecting each other, greeting the first rays of the sun, appreciating the beauty that Creator has given us.  We want peace, peace in the waters, peace with our Creator peace with Nature and Peace among us.  The time is here, the era of One ness has come.  Thanks to this gathering and many others like this, that give us the opportunity to meet, to be together, to know one another and expand the flame of love.  Let this flame go beyond borders, touching hearts, waking up those who still are sleeping.  Together we can see peace in the world.
Elizabeth Araujo
Member of the Counsel of 
Mayan Ajq’ijab of El Salvador