Johan Goedkoop

Johan Goedkoop

Johan is one of the young people on the Summit. He lives in Swiss.

Read here what he thinks is iomportant for the future. We arse so happy to have such beautiful young people on the Summit.


Personally, I think that if we want to survive in the future, we will have to drastically change our habits.

1) Today, globalization poses a serious problem to our society, we import raw materials from all over the world, like food and other stuff. Ideally, the world should be divided into millions of small autonomous cities, via renewable energies and food through permaculture in particular. A local currency should be created in order for the city not to be dependent on a financial institute and be independent. The surroundings should be limited, thus leaving non-human peoples to repopulate and nature to rebuild.

2) Our educational system, like in France, trains students to competitiveness. Success is embodied by possessing things and being always better than others. We must learn to our future generations the respect between humans, with animals and the Earth. School is not a school that works only with the brains but also with the heart, in short that it is a school of life and not just of knowledge.

3) Obviously we should review our whole system on the ecological level, first by self-sufficiency (as seen in point one), by stopping to import Oil from the Middle East and  food that doesn’t come from our region. That way, the many conflicts for the appropriation of the resources will cease and our planet could rebuild in peace. This also implies to no longer eat meat. We should also stop everything that is plastic like packaging and recycle 100% like in San Francisco, and be neutral in Co2.

4) Food, there are countries where food travels 2400 km before finishing on our plates. For that, as said before, one would have to be self-sufficient and stop eating meat and fish because that consumes a lot of energy to create and we have the possibility to eat something else. Raising animals to feed 7 billions of humans kill the planet and the animals. Let us evolve, let us stop considering animals as slaves and give them their freedom.