Yoga at One Planet – One People, Pinky More

Yoga at One Planet – One People, Pinky More
10 August 2020 Richard Slager

During the Gathering from August 22 to 29 2020, the daily early morning Yoga exercises are provided by Pinky More. It is a great way to start the day fresh and get the energy flowing.
Pinky Teaches Indian Classic Yoga, Yoga how it is taught in India. It has an holistic approach which means that the philosophy and mindfullness are equally as important as the physical Asana’s.

The asana’s are suitable for people from all ages without prior experience and it is explained in a way to understand why and how to do these exercises. The below video gives you an example how you can even practice it at home.

Pinky was one of the 144 representatives of the gathering in 2017. Since then Pinky has been able to make her dream come true by creating an alliance between Centre Lothlorien, The Yoga Institute from Mumbai and her own company, Heart of India. Now she organises Yoga Teacher Training Courses in France. This unique education does not only prepare you to teach yoga, but helps you find balance in yourself and create happiness by living Yoga as a Way of Life. In the morning program Pinky will give a presentation on how she established this.

Make sure you don’t miss the One Planet – One People gathering 2020! 

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