Healing Center Guatemala

Nana Tomasa and Poxita

Nana Tomasa and Poxita are grandmothers in Guatemala. From traditions they have acquired holistic Maya knowledge about health and healing, they apply this with massages, ceremonies, prayers and use of herbs.
They work from their own home to provide the local population with the necessary medical assistance and use their own bedroom as a pharmacy, treatment room, workspace to make medicines and as a meditation room.

Both grandmothers also travel a lot to provide medical assistance and to share their knowledge. The latter in particular is becoming increasingly difficult given the age of Nana Tomasa.

To prepare for the first One Planet – One People gathering, a delegation from Centre Lothlorien visited Guatemala and met these fantastic grandmothers.
Nana Tomasa and Poxita came to the gathering at Centre Lothlorien in June 2017.

Tomasa’s dream

The poor Quiche Maya population has no means to invest. Yet Nana Tomasa and Poxita have developed a plan for a health center together with others. Tomasa’s dream is a holistic health center with a pharmacy, a clinic, a delivery room, accommodation for patients with a bathroom, a psychotherapy room and a multifunctional room for courses and training.
From this Healing Center they can work according to traditional Mayan healing methods and apply age-old knowledge and transfer it to future generations.

Heart cell ‘Natural Health Care’

During the gathering in 2017, Centre Lothlorien established the ‘Natural Health Care’ heart cell. The purpose of the heart cell is to raise at least € 10,000 with which two rooms and sanitary facilities can be built in addition to the Tomasa and Poxita house. This is a big step to realise Tomasa’s dream.

Donations have come from summer guests at Lothlorien, proceeds from massages from Fredy, lectures from Lucas and stories from Willem de Ridder have been brought in.
Also the sale of the beautiful collection of Guatemalan cloths and clothing that Joke gave us brought in quite a bit.
NPB Ede has made a wonderful donation and € 1000 has been won from the Light on Earth project by Moon Philippo.

The construction of the Healing Center started in February 2019 with THANKS to everyone.

Healingcenter IXPIYAKOK IXMUKANE in Chichicastanengo, Guatemala

The ground floor was completed in June 2019 and work will continue on the IXPIYAKOK IXMUKANE healing center. Now in March 2020 a total of around € 16,000 has already been raised. The realisation of the healing center is a fact, money is now needed to really complete the construction. With the planned activities and also with your help, Centre Lothlorien expects to be able to collect the required amount in the summer of 2020.

If you want to support this project, make a contribution to the Friends of Lothlorien account: NL40TRIO 078476511 with the description “Tomasa” and we will ensure that the money raised is 100% for the benefit of this great project.

Do you want to know more or do you have an idea? Mail to [email protected]

August 16 to 22 2020: Maya grandmothers at Lothlorien

The maya grandmothers Tomasa and Poxita also work to raise more money. Before the festival from 22 to 29 August 2020, the grandmothers organise a week in which they share age-old knowledge about maya medicine.

“To change the world, We need each other!”

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Maya Geneeswijze

The second One Planet – One People gathering will take place from 22 to 29 August 2020. During this gathering, all those present will choose a new sponsor project where Centre Lothlorien will make effort  into collecting money for 2 years.
In addition, for every paying visitor, € 10 will go for the benefit of this jointly chosen goal, with which we expect to be able to reach a starting amount of € 1000.
Who knows, you might be the next one to get help to make your dream come true!

New sponsor project