Human World Summit June 16-26, 2017

Together with you and anybody who wants to join, Centre Lothlorien is hosting a large Human World Summit from June 16th to June 26th 2017.

A gathering of Elders, Wisdom Keepers and Visionaries of all ages, with the wisdom of the old, and the drive of the new world. To build together a balanced society for us and generations to come.

Purpose of this world summit

Alone and together take responsibility and act to rebuild the balance and the connection with each other and the Earth.
We all want to live in peace, love, unity, respect, connection and equality. We are the children of mother earth and will give direction to a new world: a world in balance.

What are we planning

This international gathering consists of three parts. For the first part (June 17 through 20), we will invite, from all over the world, a group of 144 Earth Keepers from 4 different generation: Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Visionaries, young and old.  All people with a clear vision to better balance the world.
Especially we want to give voice to the Elders and Wisdom Keepers of different cultures. They saved centuries old wisdoms, about balanced societies, and are prepared to share.

Circle meetings will result in a Manifest straight from the heart.

In the second phase (June 21-23), this Manifest will be presented to the visitors of the Human World Summit. The plan of action will be worked out, through small personal initiatives, or through large projects with more people involved. We encourage people from all over the world to participate, and to help build a better society. Everybody who would like to participate, commits to the project and starts the work.

In your own environment, together with others, initiate, in any form, small or large, to contribute to the new world. Because a better world starts with yourself.

We do it ourselves, we take our responsibility: Not just talk and listen, but act. No more if’s, but’s or excuses: let’s do it together, now.

The last two days (June 24th and 25th) of the One planet-One People Summit there will be a Festival, free of admission in Foulain. A Peace Festival with music, workshops, ceremonies, lectures, dance and a market. Two days to enjoy together.

Support this initiative

The Human World Summit can only be realized with enough resources; people, equipment, organization and funding. To bring in all these great, wise people requires a lot of money for travel and lodging, promotions and logistics.

We invite you to support the Human World Summit financially by making a donation, organize a collection or to support the crowdfunding. You can also become a member of the club of 144, bring in sponsorships or support in any other way.

Help us to strengthen the heart beat of mother earth and to spread the desire for love and peace.