Huicholes from Mexico, One planet-One people week, August 5-11

Huicholes from Mexico, One planet-One people week, August 5-11
3 May 2018 Fredy Wamelink

The Huicholes live in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Because the Huicholes fled into the mountains during the time of the Spanish invasion, they have been able to preserve much of their old culture. They are best known for their old art – yarn painting – clothing, jewelry, ceremonies and healing. They are represented this week by ‘Elders’ Don Nacho, Don Santos and Don Samuel and are accompanied by a broad team, amongst them the interpreter Raul from Mexico.


During the Human World Summit in 2017, the Huichole delegation was colorful, warm and musical. They were involved participants of the 144 Earth Keepers. We are honored that the Huicholes are willing to share their culture once again for a week at Centre Lothlorien.


In addition to a presentation about the Huichol culture, the following activities are included in the weekly program:

  • Ceremony
  • Sweat lodge
  • Music
  • Workshop Yarn painting
  • By appointment a personal healing (is not included in the weekly rate)

and of course you can enjoy delicious Mexican food this week.


Price for participation in this week’s program € 195, – excluding accommodation and meals.





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